MITsy International began operations in 1999 as a data recovery service and quickly broadened its offerings to include cloning hard drives for backup and transfer purposes.  Among the many and diverse MITsy customers over the past decade are The Israeli Securities Authority, The Israeli Antitrust Authority, and The Israeli Ministry of Defense.  The Company is ISO9001:2000 and ISO27001 certified.
Close work with Israeli government authorities lead MITsy to develop a digital evidence investigating tool called ForeSee®.    The ForeSee software platform, currently in use by the Israeli Securities Authority, the Israeli National Police Service, the Israeli Aviation Industry and other industries and authorities, has, over the past several years, been adapted by MITsy experts for use in civil computer investigations.
Powered by the ForeSee platform, MITsy provides end-to-end forensics and eDiscovery litigation support services and is committed to deploying eDiscovery best practices, ensuring generation of comprehensive, court-ready reporting of digital evidence.

Leveraging ForeSee, our eDiscovery process is rigorous, streamlined, and rapid, producing fine-grained results at minimum cost. Benefits of our eDiscovery services include:

  • Hardware-based drive image collections: FTK, DD (raw) or proprietary software based when present, all backed by legal documentation
  • Search on native file format with no need for .TIFF or .pdf conversion. (Conversion available if agreed upon by negotiators)
  • Immediate results viewing and sorting, with no indexing required
  • Removal of duplicated hashed files (de-dupe) as a part of the search process itself, and included for e-mail items
  • Efficient search, with no need for De-NIST (by default, system files are not included in search terms)
  • Hash of all exported results files, saved to a new medium
  • Analysis of findings with our experienced staff
  • Tagging and grouping of documents (responsive, privileged, not responsive) for further review and into as many groups as needed
  • Time review of exported data using our free ForeSee Report Viewer®
  • Results presentation in an easy-to-review format for complete assessment without the need for any additional software
  • Review by as many external reviewers as client deems necessary, at no added cost.