Data recovery

We recover unreadable data from all type of media, no matter what OS you use.

Our experts deal with both logical and physical data failures.

Logical  media failure – we never touch your source data; first stage is cloning your media, and then recover the lost data.

Physical media failure – we first fix your media then read the lost data. We reposition read/write heads, move platters to a working drive, fix faulty electric board etc.


Computer Forensic & Investigation

Is it possible that one of your employees email company’s Intellectual Property?

Are you looking for evidence for fraud or commercial spy to later be used in court?

Mitsy is THE local company in computer investigation. Our team consists of 12 expert computer investigators which accumulate many years of analytical & technological abilities and are highly involved in many computer investigations both in Israel and overseas.


Anton Piller Order

Our experts serve as officers of the court several times a month accompanying the lawyers of the Israel Securities Authority as well as other lawyers from the private & business sectors, seizing digital evidence without prior warning.

Process is conducted and documented in a way that assures that the evidence has been accurately collected and that there is a clear chain of custody from the scene of the crime to the investigator and to the court.


Computer Investigative Consulting

Mitsy computer experts will help you decide which direction to move when in doubt over the computerized system in your home or company.


Computer & Internet Expert Witness Testimony

This usually is the outcome of any computer or internet investigation.

We support attorneys through the drafting of pleadings, motions and orders.

We serve both civil and criminal cases


Digital Data Erasure, Disk Sanitization

When end of life time comes for your data it is recommended to use expert service to sanitize it so there will be no harm to the company from data leak.

We can serve you in your premises or in our lab.


Data Cloning

There are cases we are asked to clone data with documents that assure that chain of custody is clear and we hold the data for future reference or export it abroad to customer’s order.


Data Conversion between applications and different media types