Mitsy is making use of high-tech sophisticated software tools, self developed, which maximize results while minimizing processing time.


Foresee is the most powerful existing tool for forensic search.


Discussing a critical issue as data security we need to take care for laptop computers.

The laptop, more than a desktop computer is a mobile gate for important organizational data. Mitsy developed LapCheck to answer operational needs of a local high-tech customer from the defense industry and these days we answer same need with many organizations that are aware to the threat and want to better protect potential data leak.

The LapCheck package includes a standalone workstation that loads the software and helps the operator to prepare a CD holding all script words with the pre defined linking and organizational terminology.

Loading the CD to the laptop starts the quick search while results are shown on screen. LapCheck can easily be tailored to cover specific customer’s needs.


Run this application after LapCheck ensures that all free area is wiped so no deleted data can ever be recovered.