About MITsy International

MITsy International, Ltd provides global professional Data Recovery, Digital Forensics, eDiscovery services and solutions customized to meet the reactive and proactive needs of corporate IT and legal staff; law firms and legal service providers and government, law enforcement and defense agencies.

Among MITsy Israeli clientele are distinguished government institutions, including the Ministry of Defense and the Securities Authority; law enforcement branches throughout the country; prominent attorney offices; and legal and IT departments of international corporations.

MITsy was formed in 1999 by joining two Israeli entities which specialized in data recovery services: Orbit CML (founded 1983) and Chief Data Recovery Ltd. (founded 1989) United as MITsy International, the Group offers a full range of complimentary expertise in data recovery, data conversion, and computer forensics with unsurpassed service.

The MITsy group develops its own proprietary support software and procedures to better facilitate laboratory activities, drastically reducing the time needed to recover lost data and investigate forensic incidents.

The Company is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 27001 certified in compliance with industry standard controls on data protection and security. Our facility includes a secure state-of-the-art forensics laboratory which houses a secure, alarmed safe room for client data.